Of Crime and Punishment – So Why Do Our Laws Stand When it comes to Justice?

It’s amazing that people call ourselves a society of laws and justice, but with regards to the enforcing of justice, we frequently make laws which gets within our own way, hamper the procedure, and stop resolution. If our rule of law isn’t honored, or if it’s prostituted into submission by nonsensical procedures then what good could it be? Laws usually are meant to punish, but additionally prevent crime. We can not prevent crime if individuals very laws prevent justice. Okay so let us discuss this we could?

There is a fascinating piece on NBC News on August 16, 2012 entitled “Nidal Hasan barred from pleading guilty to murder in ’09 Fort Hood shooting” By Kari Huus, NBC News which mentioned that

“Major Nidal Hasan, the military mental health specialist charged with transporting the November 2009 shooting spree at Fort Hood in Texas, searched for to plead guilty Wednesday to 13 counts of premeditated murder however the judge stated he couldn’t accept the plea, the Temple Daily Telegram reported. Under military law, Hasan isn’t permitted to plead guilty since the premeditated murder charges carry dying because the maximum sentence and also the government is going after the dying penalty in Hasan’s situation.”

If the individual, now considered like a homegrown terrorist, produced a terrorist act, and desires to confess his guilt, he then ought to be permitted to, he ought to be permitted to pay for the best cost for his crimes, particularly if he did these questions premeditated fashion which seems is the situation, and that he fully admits it. Justice ought to be offered, and also the accused has the authority to plead guilty if he chooses. We appear to worry with everyone’s legal rights, and that he is definitely an American citizen, but we’re refusing to permit him his to plead guilty. I ask why?

When the individual desires to plead guilty he might be marched from the back from the courtroom and faces punishment following the judge renders it. There is nothing wrong with this, as that’s quick and fair justice. Is not that what we should are a symbol of as Americans? Should not he be permitted to face while watching firing squad and purchase his crimes, crimes he desires to admit to, and crimes that have been fully documented he indeed pulled the trigger and wiped out individuals soldiers?

Now some could express it is not right while he will die a martyr which is what he wants. However if that’s the situation, according to his Islamic point of view, there are more things in Islam which may prevent him from being rewarded within the next existence, these may be area of the justice, to really make it fair, for example the bloodstream of the certain hoofed animal may be chock-full in the boots prior to the execution, therefore we could solve the martyrdom issue plain and simple.

It’s unfortunate that within the U . s . States we do not appear just to walk the talk with regards to crime and punishment. When we fail to get this done properly only then do we are subjugating and prostituting the whole process. Yes, I realize this can be a philosophical debate, however the laws are very obvious, and also the legal rights of the soldier under military law are obvious, and thus too may be the good sense that everybody concurs to reside under with regards to justice, justice should be offered, the earlier the greater for that victim’s families as well as for our nation. Indeed I think you’ll will surprise consider all of this and think onto it.

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